Allen Distribution currently manages 28 Facilities (over 8.0 million SQFT) in five strategic distribution regions in Pennsylvania, Texas and California (Nationwide Support). Each facility is managed as food grade ready with strict adherence to all AIB standards and has the ability to handle multiple types of food compatible products. Here is a brief listing of a few of the products we’re  handling on a daily basis:

  • CPG Food & Beverage
  • Licensed for Alcohol
  • Consumer Goods
  • Appliances
  • Roll Paper and finished corrugate/packaging supplies
  • Commodities and raw ingredients

Additional distribution capabilities include over 550,000 SQFT of conditioned food grade space (70 Degree) and direct boxcar rail service  to include the ability to handle up to 30 cars per day positioned by our own in-house switcher.

Handling Options

Full Pallet

All inbounds and outbound pallets are 100% RF scanned as well as all inbounds are verified for inventory accuracy and thoroughly inspected for inbound damage.

Case Pick

Across our varied customer base, we are seeing a trend where the distributors/retailers in the industry are requiring a higher level of case pick.  In many situations, we are picking product at the case level with multiple SKUs per pallet that are being prepared for final store delivery.  These pallets are being consolidated onto a single truckload and many times transferred to a forward DC where they are cross-docked with other pallets to go directly to a destination.

Here are some of the Case Pick Services Allen Distribution offers:

  • 100%  RF scanning and barcoding functionality of all products
  • Integrated system driven processes to a ensure proper product date rotation
  • Complete item and sublot level tracking and traceability to end customers
  • Complete ASN labeling Compliance
  • Labeling compliance to all major retailers and manufacturers


With the growth of online shopping, Allen Distribution is managing an ever increasing number of orders that are received via a customer’s website direct from consumers which require processing and shipping same day via small parcel.  Orders are for case quantities or,  in some instances, individual units of a single SKU or mixed SKUs, which requires a process to pick, pack and inventory product by the individual unit.  Here are some of the benefits of utilizing Allen Distribution for not only your full pallet shipments, but your business-to-consumer (B2C) operation as well:

  • Systems Integration for Web to Market systems:    with multiple customer facing website platforms and the Allen Distribution WMS to support seamless order entry at the individual consumer level. Currently, Allen Distribution is integrated with two of the largest retail-Point-of-Sales, Shopify and Magento.
  • Complete integration of small parcel processing (UPS, FedEx and USPS) with customer order confirmation and tracking details electronically communicated back to the end customer.
  • Inventory SOPs to accurately account for products at each/single unit level and to assure proper date rotation as well as complete item level tracking and traceability.
  • Integrated pack out stations to accommodate damage free shipment of all pack sizes.
  • Next day and same day order processing and shipment.

Inventory Management

Allen Distribution has developed numerous SOPs to ensure proper inventory control for all our customer’s products.  Here is a sample of some of the inventory management controls we have put in place:

  • Inbound SOP: to include review for  proper seal integrity, accurate pallet/case count, inspection for damage and infestation
  • Cycle Count SOP: Cycle counts are completed daily using an A, B, C velocity methodology with the highest moving SKUs counted monthly
  • RF Scanning: All inbound pallets are scanned into a warehouse location and scanned out when shipped to assure proper accounting of inventory and proper date rotation
  • Inventory Reports: Customers have access to password-protected site to view their inventory live 24/7. The inventory data is 100% real time and is as live as cases or pallets are scanned in or out of the warehouse.  Canned inventory reports can be run daily and emailed to the customer to record a snapshot of current inventory

Food Safety

Allen Distribution currently stores many types of finished food products as well as raw ingredients including: powdered milk, cocoa powder and bulk finished chocolate. Allen Distribution has developed and utilizes numerous Food Safety SOPs to meet the ever increasing regulatory requirements. Everything from proper pest control and temperature and humidity monitoring to cross contamination of products and the proper handling and storage of allergens.

Here are are a few of the Food Safety SOPs that have been developed by Allen Distribution:

  • Proper handling of Allergens
  • Pest Control Standard
  • Organic Food Requirements
  • AIB Certified
  • C-TPAT Compliant
  • ETC



Like all other domains of business, logistics technology is constantly changing. Hardware, software, and other equipment continues to evolve and the Allen Distribution IT team works diligently to be on the forefront of the latest technology to provide our customers the most accurate, efficient and timely communication along with the best reporting tools in the industry.


Total SQFT
Ambient SQFT
Conditioned SQFT
Rail Served
Carlisle, PA174.6MM4.0MM600kYes
Allentown, PA 41MM1MM0No
Stockton, CA41.1MM800k300kYes
Ontario, CA2725k725k0No
Dallas, TX1350k350k0No