Managed Transportation Services

Managed Transportation Services

A Supply Chain Solution for Any Business 

The ability to reach customers fast while maintaining quality and cost efficiency is a core component of revenue growth. Allen Distribution’s managed transportation services will increase your potential to achieve this growth. 

Managed transportation improves your shipping processes and allows you to focus time and labor on the functions that drive revenue. The improvement comes from delegating material and product transportation to a third party logistics (3PL) company. 

Under the managed transportation model, your 3PL partner assumes logistics responsibilities. Their full-time commitment optimizes functions like procurement, carrier management, route planning and freight analysis. Meanwhile, more of your business’s resources are free for brand-defining functions like production and sales. 

At Allen Distribution, we manage nationwide transportation needs for businesses of all sizes representing numerous industries. Our expansive fleet of trucks and trailers can transport any cargo on your behalf. We will dedicate the resources necessary to ensure your shipment reaches its destination on time, in excellent condition and within your budget. 

Why Choose Managed Transportation Services? 

Time is a valuable commodity — your staff can only do so much with what is available to them. The core tasks that drive your organization require your full commitment, yet managing the detailed steps between you and revenue is just as demanding. Managed transportation allows you to use your time efficiently, while a dedicated 3PL bridges the gap between you and your customer. 

Allen Distribution manages transportation for businesses across the United States. As your managed transportation provider, we will leverage our robust fleet, talented personnel and innovative technology to meet deadlines and drive efficiency. 

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Managed Transportation Services

Managed Transportation Advantages

Managed transportation unlocks a wide range of benefits for your business to experience. Partner with Allen Distribution to: 

  • Expedite shipments: We are transportation experts with a wealth of resources and optimal strategies. Speed is a byproduct of our logistics focus. 
  • Drive efficiency: Your business can accomplish more with every hour and dollar when your staff can direct its focus on high-value tasks.   
  • Control freight spend: We optimize transportation or efficiency. Our methods and rates reduce freight costs while meeting and exceeding timeline expectations. 
  • Mitigate shipping risk: Disruptions extend lead times, and product loss sacrifices revenue. Allen Distribution ensures smooth transportation through efficient, careful processes. 
  • Track every shipment: We provide precise tracking information through a powerful Transportation Management System (TSM). Whether for your customer’s satisfaction or your peace of mind, you know each shipment’s whereabouts and when it will arrive. 
  • Satisfy each customer: You can pass benefits like precise tracking information and reduced shipping costs onto your customers. Watch customer satisfaction improve, and feel your relationships grow.

Our Managed Transportation Services 

Collaborative transportation management with an emphasis on value —  Allen Distribution is your partner. Our managed transportation packages feature elements such as:

  • Shipment planning.
  • Order distribution. 
  • Shipment execution.
  • Shipment tracking.
  • Order fulfillment. 
  • Bill settling and auditing.
Managed Transportation Services

Logistics Technology for Managed Transportation

Our TSM technology is at the core of our managed transportation services. We open the door to seamless collaboration by hosting shipment data on a streamlined digital platform. You will have full access to data that helps you understand and optimize your managed transportation package. From real-time inventory and shipment monitoring to cloud-based document sharing and productivity tracking features, our technology raises the bar for what is possible.  


Managed Transportation Services

A Premier Managed Transportation Company 

Allen Distribution is a leading managed transportation provider for businesses nationwide. Our experience, resources and customer service set the standard for value and dependability. As our partner, you will benefit from: 

  • Management that is personalized to your specific transportation requirements.
  • Comprehensive solutions spanning a wide range of logistics services. 
  • A national network of warehouses, trucks and trailers. 
  • Reliable vehicles that we maintain diligently. 
  • Professional drivers with the qualifications and experience to meet your needs. 
  • Innovative tools for tracking, analyzing and sharing logistics data. 
Managed Transportation Services

Connect With Allen Distribution for Managed Transportation Services

The Allen Distribution team will personalize a managed transportation solution for your business. Our managed services help businesses across industries drive revenue and boost efficiency. Get in touch with us online for more information about our services or to schedule a consultation. 


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