Why Cincinnati is the Ideal Location for Distribution

Why Cincinnati is the Ideal Location for Distribution

Why Cincinnati is the Ideal Location for Distribution

Cincinnati, Ohio, is the ideal location for distribution for various reasons. The city is a 24-hour drive from most of the U.S. population, helping you get your products shipped fast. The geographic advantage in connecting major transportation hubs makes Cincinnati particularly suited to the food and beverage industry. 

Leverage Cincinnati’s infrastructure and location by partnering with Allen Distribution. We are a leading third-party logistics (3PL) warehouse and distribution service provider that can add value to your food and beverage supply chain and logistics.

Understanding the Cincinnati Distribution Landscape

Cincinnati is situated in the Midwest, giving you access to large parts of the country’s population. The region has the largest inland port and one of the biggest in cargo volume. 

The city has well-developed infrastructure, serving multiple major highways such as the I-75 and I-71. These crossroads connect Cincinnati with several key cities and regions. The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International (CVG) Airport bolsters the region’s geographic advantage, allowing extensive and efficient air cargo services. 

Cincinnati is home to various large-scale distribution centers and robust supply chain networks. This relatively cost-efficient city makes leveraging the region as a hub for your food and beverage distribution ideal. The area also boasts a strong, skilled workforce and specialized warehousing facilities.

Advantage of Warehouses in Cincinnati for Distribution Networks

Cincinnati distribution networks deliver several key benefits:

  • Access to an extensive transportation network: Cincinnati provides cost-effective transportation of goods along the Ohio River. The CVG Airport makes rapid transit possible. Additionally, the robust rail network and road system means you can transport your food and beverage stock economically and quickly nationwide.
  • Connectivity to various critical distribution regions: Cincinnati’s accessibility is unrivaled, with the city being the corridor between East Coast and Midwest cities. With three intermodal terminals, you can make your supply chain more flexible and nimble across states.
  • Availability of cutting-edge technology and infrastructure: With labor and other infrastructure tax incentives, Ohio offers companies from diverse industries lucrative investment opportunities. The influx of investment has resulted in ultramodern, tech-driven distribution centers being built and operated in Cincinnati. Allen Distribution offers the latest logistics technology to ensure accurate and efficient distribution at our Cincinnati centers and all our hubs nationwide.

Leveraging Cincinnati as Your Food and Beverage Logistics Hub

Cincinnati’s strategic geographic advantage and robust distribution infrastructure make it an ideal hub for your food and beverage company. It is, however, critical to the integrity of your goods that you leverage specialized storage and transportation solutions. Allen Distribution provides: 

  • Food-grade facilities: Each of our Cincinnati distribution facilities strictly adheres to the American Institute for Baking’s (AIB) standards, handling a range of food-compatible goods.
  • Regulatory compliance: Allen Distribution helps you adhere to Cincinnati’s strict food safety regulations, assisting with the proper handling of allergens, organic food requirements, C-TPAT compliance and AIB compliance.
  • Scalable solutions: Our 3PL services are scalable and grow with your business needs. 
  • Full-warehouse distribution logistics: We offer customized material handling by delivering high volume, full pallet shipments and smaller case pick options to optimize your operations. 
  • Advanced inventory management: In a competitive climate, you must fulfill orders efficiently and accurately. Our intelligent inventory management controls help you quickly get your shipped goods to customers in the quantity they need. 
  • Innovative logistics technology: Allen Distribution continues to innovate technology, implementing industry-best solutions so that clients can streamline their operations and maximize efficiencies. 

Partnering With an Experienced Cincinnati Distribution Company

Allen Distribution will help you leverage the advantages of having a Cincinnati distribution center. Since 1988, we have been the go-to third-party logistics company throughout the country. With our food-grade facilities, numerous certifications and advanced technology, you can confidently expand into the Midwest and East Coast corridor.

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