Asset Based Fleet

Asset Based Fleet

Your business has numerous options when choosing how to deliver products to the retailer or end user. Partnering with an outside company for freight transportation is often the most practical approach. There are multiple qualities to consider when evaluating shipping companies, one being the model the company uses to complete shipments. 

Allen Distribution is an asset based trucking fleet with nationwide reach. We will customize a trucking package that meets your shipping requirements and accomplishes your efficiency goals. 


What Is Asset Based Trucking? 

Asset based trucking is a model wherein the shipping company or carrier owns its assets — resources like trucks, trailers, equipment and personnel. This model is an alternative to structures such as freight brokerage, where the company you choose acts as an intermediary between you and others with the assets you need to deliver your products. Rather than aggregating disparate resources, asset based carriers have it all in-house.

As an asset based carrier, we work directly with the companies whose deliveries we complete. We will build a direct relationship with you while maintaining hands-on management of our fleet, drivers and processes. The result is a high level of carrier control that boosts shipping efficiency and allows us to adapt to your unique shipping requirements.   

Asset Based Fleet

Why Use an Asset Based Trucking Company?

Using an asset based carrier will allow your businesses to benefit from the resources of a professionally managed trucking fleet. As an asset based trucking company, we own our vehicles and employ our drivers to maintain greater control over our shipping processes. Shipping is our full-time responsibility, and we work hard to master it. Customer satisfaction is just as important to us as our service quality — our performance and service reflect directly on our brand. 

Our dedication to efficient logistics and your satisfaction produces numerous advantages for your business: 

  • Efficient shipping: We optimize our logistics processes to complete timely deliveries and extend your budget. 
  • Dependable fleets: We invest in and maintain a large fleet of premium trucks and trailers that deploy from stations nationwide to meet your needs.
  • Individualized refinement: We refine our approach to your account over time as we learn more about your needs and collect logistics data that helps us meet them. 
  • Cognizant relationships: We build relationships on the principle of understanding so that our shipping process aligns with your goals. 
  • Careful delivery: We load and transport all shipments with care so that your customers receive products that embody the quality they expect and that you work hard to achieve. 


Personalized Freight Transportation Services

Accomplish your shipping goals by outsourcing transportation to Allen Distribution. Our asset based third-party logistics (3PL)services ensure fast, cost-effective delivery while you remain focused on running your business. We transport shipments of all sizes across any distance within the United States. Partner with us to access:

  • Premium trucks and trailers. 
  • Experienced personnel.
  • A nationwide distribution network.
  • Robust tracking and analytics technology.
Asset Based Fleet

Why Partner With Allen Distribution?

In logistics and transportation, efficiency stems from proven processes and talented personnel. Allen Distribution is an experienced company that utilizes an asset based transportation model for quality control.

Since our foundation in 1988, we have prioritized diligence and adaptability to hone a transportation process that uses the most effective methods. Our asset based transportation package will connect you with a dependable nationwide network of trucks and drivers that will meet your expectations. 

We augment our processes with innovative Transportation Management System (TMS) technology that automates processes, collects actionable data and ensures transparency at every stage. You will access real-time tracking information through a digital platform compatible with many other prominent systems. 

Our customer support staff can discuss your shipment and clarify any information. From our hands-on approach to our commitment to your satisfaction, Allen Distribution is a premier trucking partner. 

Asset Based Fleet

Contact Allen Distribution

Our asset based 3PL services provide access to a fleet of vehicles and drivers that fit your shipping needs. At Allen Distribution, we are ready to embrace your requirements and deliver satisfaction. Contact us online for more information on our asset based transportation capabilities.


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