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Allen’s in-house team of IT professionals doesn’t only rely on software. They combine the latest technology with years of warehouse experience to develop solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our systems, currently integrate to our multiple partners’ systems, including SAP, Oracle and JD Edwards, as well as legacy systems like AS400.

Allen offers a variety of system capabilities, including:

  • EDI software – allowing numerous connections and formats
  • Automated report subscriptions
  • Web-based access with real-time inventory tracking and order status
  • Cloud-based document sharing portal
  • Complete date code tracking and traceability
  • Recall capabilities within two hours from notice
  • 100% RF scanning of all products
  • Labeling compliance to all major retailers and manufacturers
  • Integrated small parcel processing
  • UPS and FedEx
Their ability to be flexible with us was a huge feature for us. We were the first to come in with 16,000 items and make them an extension of our warehouse. They were great with it.

- C2F

Allen is flexible and was willing to work with us as we grew. We developed a great rapport, and they became an extension of our operations. I’m able to deal directly with the leaders, and I know I can get what I need by making a phone call to one of them.

- Cytosport, makers of Muscle Milk


We operate TMW Systems, a leading provider of software solutions for the shipping and transportation industry. By investing in one of the most modern transportation management systems in the industry, we can guarantee your shipments will be delivered on time, every time.

Our system allows for real-time online tracking to monitor the performance of the entire fleet, as well as partner access portals and custom reporting and even real-time delivery notification.


Data Integration:

To keep costs low and processes efficient, our data integration partner provides Allen Distribution the flexibility to service any partner with SSL secure certificates. Our rapid implementation allows for the support of multiple communications (Secure FTP, AS2, EDI), transaction sets (940, 945, 943, 856, 997) and multiple formats (XML, Flat File, ANSI x12).

Reports & Online Information:

Our IT department can offer a wide variety of standard and customized reports to be viewed online through our secure website login. We also provide you with a variety of options for automatic delivery of your reports and receipts, including cloud storage and syncing, mobile access and email subscriptions delivered to you at a time that fits your schedule.